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Sophie Rollier


I'm Sophie. I'm lots of things. But here are three of my passions:


1/ I'm a freelance graphic designer. I studied at Saint-Luc Art School in Brussels and graduated in 2005. Since then I've been working in Brussels, London, Edinburgh and Namur. We're planning on moving to Toulouse with our family for 8 months... another graphic challenge for me!


2/ I'm a crafty nugget. Since I've been a child, I've been involved in any kind of creative activity. I LOVE upcycling, creating items from scratch, decorating, painting old wardrobes, drilling holes and sniffling around in fleemarkets... I recently started a class of textile (screen)printing, you can follow this activity on my blog.


3/ I'm an excellent cook. And this is also a way to get creative : Pumpkin crumble with sour apples, Beetroot & Potato gratin with Lemon Thyme, Orange & cranberry cake with a hint of yoghurt...


What is Zoap?


Zoap is a creative agency born in 2011. After 6 years of being an employee in several agencies & having a newborn to take care of, I decided to start as a freelance. I LOVE creative challenges but can be quite corporate-oriented as well. Creating graphic identities, laying out brochures/posters/banners, illustrating wedding  &  birth invites, this is definitely my cup of tea.


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